District 2 County Supervisor Joel Anderson’s support has been crucial in Noah Homes’ advocacy for improved care and services for people with developmental disabilities now and in his previous role as a California State Senator and Assembly Member. He and his team volunteered at Noah Homes in August to help clean up our gardens and plant new flowers and vegetables for our residents. The team split up into three groups to focus on key areas: the planters at Casa de Amor, the Casa de Flores garden, and the Sage Family Orchard. Casa Delight resident Amy has always been a civically engaged individual. When she heard that the Supervisor was at Noah Homes, she immediately met with him at the Sage Family Orchard, shaking his hand and taking a photo with him. “I’ve been voting since I was 18, and I always make sure I’m an informed voter,” she told the Supervisor proudly, asking him about all things local and state government.

After working hard in the gardens, Team Anderson participated in the Dementia & Disabilities EscapeTM class, learning about the effects of dementia on people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It was an emotional experience; many of Anderson’s staff members came out of the class with a better understanding of their own loved ones’ experiences with dementia and Alzheimer’s. “Volunteering at Noah Homes was an unforgettable experience for both me and my staff,” Anderson said. “I am inspired by the extraordinary care and advocacy Noah Homes provides for our local community members with developmental disabilities.”

Thank you to Supervisor Anderson and team for the continued support, helping not just our residents to grow and thrive, but our gardens too!

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