Roz moved to Noah Homes in August 2019. Her favorite thing about living here is hanging out with her housemates. “They’re like my family,” she said.  

Noah Homes has enabled her to live independently in a loving community, set her own schedule, and try new things. Since moving into Casa de Esperanza, she’s accomplished many feats, such as starting a basketball club, participating in the Peoples’ First club and Noah Homes’ softball team, and assisting with a variety of projects in the Admin Office. She is also a great help to her house staff, especially on outings, where she takes a leadership role in making sure the group stays together and has a good time. 

Along with her extensive involvement in the Noah Homes community, Roz is also a superstar volunteer at the famed San Diego Zoo three times a week. She is usually stationed at the Asian Passage to answer questions and tells visitors about big cats found in Asia as an Asian Cat Ambassador. Each day she volunteers, Noah Homes staff drop her off at the nearest trolley station, and she navigates the San Diego public transit system, transferring to two different buses to get to the Zoo.  

When asked why she loves living at Noah Homes, she said: “I have a lot of independence here. I get to be my own person.”  

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