By Renee, Bryan’s Mom

I think we had always known about Noah Homes. I remember that some of the folks came to our church, St. Vincent’s in Mission Hills and participated in a Christmas play. The church was a short walk from our home. 

Later, a parishioner asked Bryan if he wanted to help with the Sunday collection, and Bryan enthusiastically agreed. We only found about this when we realized Bryan had disappeared one Sunday morning. It turns out he had been walking over to the church and helping the parishioner, Mr. Peter, and then promptly returning home! We initially didn’t notice because he always liked being outside in the mornings, and was always dressed and ready for the 11:00 a.m. service we usually attended. 

That parishioner—Mr. Peter—turned out to be Peter Ferrantelli. It was a while before I realized that the Christmas play, Mr. Peter, and Noah Homes were connected. 

I was never interested in a small group-type home for Bryan, as he is a very active individual. We have a large family, and different members would take him to events, and he loved his day program and the city’s recreational activities for the disabled. He is able to use the bus and trolley independently and worked at the Cheesecake Factory in Mission Valley. It was hard to keep up with him! 

It was important that Bryan’s new community was a secure place that was truly a model for what we can do for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Because of this, the community model of Noah Homes was very appealing to us. 

Bryan moving to Noah Homes was a dream come true for me, and I wish I could give everyone a similar opportunity. You guys are fabulous. 

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