Making Magic Happen

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Nothing happens by chance when God is in charge… About 2 years ago, I asked for help to build homes for our residents experiencing Alzheimer’s. I had no idea where to begin and after several outreaches, I came to the McKinney family. They embraced our cause, gave me some great resources to get started, and came to tour Noah Homes. Their daughter Rachel McKinney came on the tour (already a dynamo in her own right!), and after meeting our residents and seeing their wonderful homes she said, “You need to meet another lady. I know and the two of you will make magic happen!!”

That introduction took me to HomeAidSD, which took us to Dahlin Architecture, Brookfield Homes, and more than 40 other community business professionals who said “We can help.”

Within 4 months of the introduction, Rachel moved to South Africa to work with a nonprofit that helps farmers. She came home to visit this week and asked to come tour our project. She was astonished to see two homes… almost completed! She said “I left with a green hillside and had no idea you would already have homes!!” This is the power of community, the power of those who offer help, and the power and grace of God – and all who believe in his grace. It was so nice to see Rachel and show off the “magic”!

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  • Pat Lindner says:

    It is an amazing place, and you are all doing amazing work. Just getting to spend one afternoon there with the wonderful people who live there, the truly remarkable people who work there, and the parents who not only feel blessed to have this safe place for their sons and daughters, but who put all their efforts into the various fundraisers that are held for Noah …. a remarkable story being told each and every day.

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