The Guardians of Noah

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Celebrate Summerfest!

As you may have expected, for the health and safety of the residents and our supporters, Summerfest will remain a virtual fundraising event this year! Join us June 14 - 19

Once children with disabilities graduate from high school and age out of state and federally mandated special education services, families are often left wondering what the next chapter holds for their child.  What does the future have in store? How can they maintain social connections and make new friends?  What happens when we age and can no longer care for them?

The Guardians are a group of experienced Noah Homes family members who provide mentorship to families with young adults as they begin to navigate this next chapter.  The group’s mission is to make certain each family has the tools they need to ensure that each individual has a life full of social activities and that all of their needs are met.

The Noah Homes Guardians will host quarterly meetings.  Each meeting will include a presentation from a subject matter expert.  A wide range of relevant topics that affect families and individuals with developmental disabilities will be discussed, including new ways to create and maintain vital social connections, housing options, employment options, industry updates, challenges, lessons learned, and many more.

The Noah Homes Guardians want to assist younger families in navigating the next chapter of their child’s journey, so they are equipped with the tools and knowledge needed to prepare for the future.