Volunteer at Noah Homes

Noah Homes offers a wide variety of volunteer opportunities for individuals and groups, both in-person and virtually. The lives of the folks that live here are enriched because of your generous sharing of time, talents, and dedication. Volunteers are showered with love, appreciated by all, and are always welcome at Noah Homes. Many of our opportunities are flexible to accommodate volunteers’ availability, and we can turn almost any volunteer’s passion into a fun activity the folks will enjoy.

“I love being at Noah Homes or helping with an event because I know while I am there that I am doing God’s work and I am surrounded by complete, unconditional love. Peace and joy surrounds Noah Homes. You just cannot stay away!”

CharNoah Homes Volunteer

“Before my junior year of high school, Noah Homes did not even exist to me. It was just a building next to Steele Canyon High School that I would sometimes pass. Fast forward about a year and I was still volunteering at Noah, despite having graduated.”

AlexSteele Canyon High School Student

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Administrative Support

Assist various departments in our administration building. Duties may include filing, copying, organizing, etc.

Outdoor Projects

Support various projects around the property and in our sustainable garden.

Arts & Crafts

Create themed arts and crafts with the residents.

Walking & Exercise Group

Walk Noah’s grounds with the residents or assist them exercising to aerobics DVDs.

Volunteer at Noah Homes

Many of our opportunities are flexible to accommodate volunteers’ availability and we encourage those who may be interested to contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Molly Burke, at (619) 660-6200 x137.

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