Legacy Creators:

Planned Giving that will Ensure A Home Forever

Charitable Planning

A planned gift to Noah Homes helps precious people like Scotty (pictured left) and his sister Christy. They have lived at Noah Homes for 22 years and are two of many residents who no longer have family. Despite being non-ambulatory, Scotty and Christy are able to live full lives and thrive thanks to the love of staff and volunteers, and the financial support from our community.

There are some unique and specialized ways you can help.  We are proven financial stewards and are committed to making sure your investment will have a lasting impact. Be a Legacy Creator and ensure the most vulnerable among us have a lifelong home.

If you are interested in learning more about a Planned Gift, contact Molly Burke, Development Coordinator, at [email protected].

Increase Your Income While Giving

A Property Burden Became Monthly Income Relief for Colette

The burdens of ownership and maintenance of an apartment building were beginning to outweigh the benefits, and Colette Gerard considered selling. At first, it seemed that her profit from the sale would be reduced by approximately $600,000 in taxes and the remaining sale proceeds would yield a monthly income that was quite a bit less than the current rental income.

Faced with this dilemma, Colette looked to Noah Homes and was introduced to a Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust (CRAT), established in conjunction with Noah Homes, that would provide her with substantial benefits. When a CRAT is established, the creator can sell appreciated assets without paying a capital gains tax, receive a charitable tax deduction, and generate income.

Now her monthly income from the funds invested is approximately 20% higher than her prior rental income and she is blessing people through Noah Homes at the same time!

Saving For Tomorrow While Giving Today

A married couple had a larger than normal income for the current year due to an IRA withdrawal, which created an excessive tax liability. Due to the large tax bill, they considered selling stock, but the capital gain would create an additional tax. They had also hoped to use the stock to generate income for their retirement years.

By transferring the stock to a Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) established for the benefit of Noah Homes, they avoided paying the capital gains tax, invested the entire sale proceeds within the CRT to generate income for their retirement, and received a charitable income tax deduction that was used to greatly reduce the tax liability on the original IRA withdrawal.

She Gave More Than She Ever Thought She Could

A woman learned about Noah Homes’ mission and began donating household items and gifts in support of the residents.

She then came for a tour and was so impressed, she wanted to make a larger gift.

Concerned about taking funds from her savings, she decided to donate $20,000 to Noah Homes as a Charitable Gift Annuity, meaning she receives a partial tax deduction and a lifetime stream of annual income from Noah Homes. Pleased with the outcome, she has since donated an additional $30,000 and continues to bless the residents.

When you join Legacy Creators you will be making a difference in the lives of hundreds of adults with developmental disabilities and their family members.

Consider These Questions:

  • Have you considered creative ways to give that involve your estate plan?
  • Did you know you could consolidate all your regular donations for the next 5 years and take the entire tax deduction this year?
  • If you own real estate, you probably know you will have to pay nearly 25% tax when selling the property. Would you like to hear about how you can avoid that 25% tax by committing to a 10% gift at the end of your lifetime?
  • Did you know that you can give your Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) directly to Noah Homes, avoid the income tax, and get a tax deduction for the gift?
  • Are you aware that key financial tools (ie. 401(k), IRA, Life Insurance, etc.) are critical to your safeguarding your future? And they can be excellent tools to use in your charitable giving too?
  • Would you like to learn how to pass on your philanthropic passion to your children and grandchildren?

If any of these topics are of interest to you, or you have further questions, please contact our Development Coordinator, Molly Burke, at [email protected] or (619) 660-6200 x137. Molly will be happy to work with you to reach your goals or connect you to an expert.

An Expert to Help

Noah Homes will provide you with the unique opportunity to strategize with Chau Lai, maximizing the efficiency of your charitable giving.  Chau and her team will work with you to envision a superior financial future, then help you, step by step, build towards that future.  She does this by showing you a clear picture of where you are today and listening to your concerns for tomorrow, which includes retirement income, the inheritance you will leave behind, and the legacy you leave to Noah Homes.  By recognizing your desires and spotting the things that must change, they can help you build financial wealth by reducing taxes through charitable giving, as you create a richer life for yourself and your families.

Since 1997, Chau Lai, CFP®, ChFC® has established a career of working with business owners and highly compensated professionals to make sound personal and business financial decisions. Her comprehensive financial analysis and planning help address: retirement income planning, investment analysis, risk management strategies, cash flow analysis, business succession, tax-efficient strategies, charitable planning, and estate planning.

Chau knows that strong personal and professional goal alignment is every bit as critical as choosing the right investment vehicles. By facilitating an environment for couples to enjoy learning about money and wealth together, Chau enables them to apply their learning to help them to produce meaningful outcomes which support their personal and professional goals. She combines an extensive knowledge of sound financial strategies and products with a deep commitment to understanding her clients’ individual concerns.

The result is an integrated approach to managing her clients’ finances over the course of their lives; during all stages of personal and business growth. Her personal and professional approach to financial matters equips her clients with the knowledge, resources, and tools needed to reach, maintain and enhance their financial wellness.

She welcomes an opportunity to do the same for you.


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