Now the real vision takes shape! On Monday, 20 concrete trucks passed through Noah Homes and offloaded more than 220 yards of concrete to form the foundation on the southern house. A huge boom covered the lot that moved the concrete across almost 5,000 square feet to form the footprint of the home. The site was buzzing with activity. Where 5-10 workers usually make up the construction team for the day, there were more than 35 for the pour! It is an amazing dance of precision, expertise and hard work to accomplish a pour of this size and to have the final product be a smooth and level floor. On Friday we will see the second foundation poured.

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  • Herb Johnson says:

    Congratulations on the new Construction. Looks like you are in a growth mode; that is great, hope to see you soon.
    We recently acquired 7,000 Sq. Ft. across the street and will be moving our Exec. Team over in the next few weeks.

    Let’s try to connect soon!
    God Bless your success and the new Facility!
    In His Service,


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