It’s decision time, and there are a lot of them; tile, paint colors, stucco finishes, sidewalks, light fixtures, windows, doors, hardware. It’s all a blur, but so important to the finished product. This list does not even touch the hidden things like wiring, plumbing, solar and fiber optics … Who knew so much went into the walls of these mighty homes. I am so glad we have the Dream Team on board! We also just had the drone out to our campus this week and got some great shots of the frames going up!

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  • maura says:

    What a dream in the making. Congratulations on all the progress.
    I have a dear friend up here in Oregon who has just finished, with her company, building a new memory care home, including doing all the interiors, and oh, how I’d love to connect you both.
    Thanks for all you do!
    Maura Conlon

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