Christmas in July

By July 27, 2016Uncategorized

The  Del Mar racing season just kicked off two weeks ago, and I feel like Noah has two horses in the race, and are rounding the club house turn towards the home stretch!!

The beauty and functionality of the homes is really starting to take the forefront every time I enter. The cabinets have arrived and are installed in one home and the painters followed right behind. While we listened intently to the suggestions of our team, there were some decisions that had to be made upon seeing the big picture. Moving cabinets over to catch the view from the patio as a new resident is seated; placing the electrical for the outdoor fountain to give line of site to residents in both houses, placing the hookups for the BBQ in such a way that deliveries to the kitchen can be made without off loading outside. And of course adding a few electrical outlets here and there to be sure there is plenty of sources for outdoor decorations; after all… is Christmas in July don’t you know!!

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