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Counting on Us

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It’s all in the details. It would be easy right now to just say “get it done.” All have worked tirelessly to make these homes a reality, and in record time. Now comes the follow through of the right…..door handle, light switch, ceiling fan, light bulb strength, wall and corner protectors, draw pulls….the list is endless; and quite frankly frustrating as we try to focus on the “big picture.”

My focus returns when a resident says “thank you for the houses…I am on the list right?” And now I know that my (and all involved) attention to detail is so important for the rest of their lives, and they are counting on “us” to leave no small detail to chance….three weeks and counting to completion!

Christmas in July

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The  Del Mar racing season just kicked off two weeks ago, and I feel like Noah has two horses in the race, and are rounding the club house turn towards the home stretch!!

The beauty and functionality of the homes is really starting to take the forefront every time I enter. The cabinets have arrived and are installed in one home and the painters followed right behind. While we listened intently to the suggestions of our team, there were some decisions that had to be made upon seeing the big picture. Moving cabinets over to catch the view from the patio as a new resident is seated; placing the electrical for the outdoor fountain to give line of site to residents in both houses, placing the hookups for the BBQ in such a way that deliveries to the kitchen can be made without off loading outside. And of course adding a few electrical outlets here and there to be sure there is plenty of sources for outdoor decorations; after all… is Christmas in July don’t you know!!


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What a moment to walk into the houses and see real walls! It’s overwhelming to see the home take shape in a way that we all understand; walls, ceilings, all lined with insulation that makes the homes already cool, quiet and welcoming. These tradesmen are so fast that the walls will be complete in less than a week, followed immediately by a stucco coat and then at last, the roof! We are so close!

Here is a picture of Alexis Parker of Home Aide, San Diego and myself in the mockup that we had been using to test paint colors, materials, etc!

Awed and Amazed

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How many things need to be done at once… Everything! We are 2 and a half months out from completion on the momentous 140 build schedule.. Now all of the fine details come together… Paint colors, counter fabrications and dog gone … Gotta go furniture shopping!! Now that was a lot of fun … You will be awed and amazed at the Summerfest and we can wait to show you our results!

A big thanks to Sun Power for the generous donation of solar panels to our homes!

The Power of an Idea

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The homes are no longer just frames, posts and concrete. They have walls, windows and roofing materials; they look real! In just 10 short months the dream team of Noah Homes moved from a beautiful rendering to a physical and impressive reality. Sometimes my staff and I walk through the homes and stand and feel the power of what has been accomplished in such a short time. The homes reflect the power and magnitude of the debilitating disease that Alzheimer’s and Dementia has become, and the fact that all adults with developmental disabilities are living longer fulfilling lives, means they may all need this care at some point in their lives. The power of an idea, a small dedicated group of volunteers, a fantastic staff, and the impact of faithful donors is a fierce combination and I couldn’t be more proud of the impact we are making together….thank you all.

Part of the Job

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As many of us do with our jobs, we begin to take monumental tasks for granted as we routinely overcome obstacles and view, what others see as incredible hurdles, to now be a part of the job. This hit home for me last week when my 93 year old mother in law came for a hard hat tour! Her daughter, Rose, drove her to Noah and the three of us took off in the golf cart for a tour of the campus and the new homes. Her son, my husband, has been lending his civil engineering expertise as needed, and she is very proud of what he has accomplished at Noah and in his career. She is also quite proud of her daughter in law! She continued to gaze in awe at the high ceilings, long hallways and the well laid out spaces as I explained the use of each area and why it was so important to the welfare of our residents. After the tour, she left a donation in my office (as did Rose!) and she said, “Well it’s okay that I don’t see you so much lately… REALLY are busy!!”  (Photo: Rose Hermanson, Puring Nocon, and me!)

A Labor of Love

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I am sure you have heard this but “the devil is in the details” and this is so true when it comes to making these homes as user friendly as possible to staff and residents. Staff and construction experts have spent hours on behalf of our residents making sure every outlet, switch, light, closet pole,drawer, countertop, nightstand, mirror, and cabinet is not only in the right place, but right height, dimension, color and material; and the frustrating thing is that I know we will still miss something!

No matter the time, this is truly a labor of love for all involved, so with God’s help and guidance, the misses will be few and the accomplishments too many to count!

A big thank you as well to Redland Clay Tile for our beautiful roof tiles that are being installed today!

Thank You

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It’s here….the day we thank the community and so many dedicated professionals and so many who believed in our mission to create homes for end of life care.

While we prepared for rain I knew that wouldn’t happen for this project.

Ask any who have been a part of this labor of love and you will see them scratch their heads, nod or smile and share their “unusual” incident of lack of labor, a missing approval or time sensitive decisions not yet made.

And yet somehow double the laborers arrive the next day, plans show up approved and stamped, and inspectors make time to swing by on their way home! It’s not just a project, it’s a mission we’ve all joined and will remember for our lifetimes.

Thank you is a small phrase for the magnitude of help and assistance this community has given to people with disabilities. Thank you San Diego and welcome to the future of care.

Decision Time

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It’s decision time, and there are a lot of them; tile, paint colors, stucco finishes, sidewalks, light fixtures, windows, doors, hardware. It’s all a blur, but so important to the finished product. This list does not even touch the hidden things like wiring, plumbing, solar and fiber optics … Who knew so much went into the walls of these mighty homes. I am so glad we have the Dream Team on board! We also just had the drone out to our campus this week and got some great shots of the frames going up!

Fast & Furious

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The trucks are arriving fast and furious. Months of planning are coming to fruition as workers offload lumber and pre-made pieces of the walls, rafters, foundations and other intricate pieces of a giant puzzle that will soon be the shell of two amazing homes. Pictures show changes on a daily basis, and the excitement on the campus is wonderful…we are seeing the fruits of the labor of so many who made this all possible….stay tuned for a series of drone shots as we are scheduled for a fly by this week!