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March 2016

Thank You

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It’s here….the day we thank the community and so many dedicated professionals and so many who believed in our mission to create homes for end of life care.

While we prepared for rain I knew that wouldn’t happen for this project.

Ask any who have been a part of this labor of love and you will see them scratch their heads, nod or smile and share their “unusual” incident of lack of labor, a missing approval or time sensitive decisions not yet made.

And yet somehow double the laborers arrive the next day, plans show up approved and stamped, and inspectors make time to swing by on their way home! It’s not just a project, it’s a mission we’ve all joined and will remember for our lifetimes.

Thank you is a small phrase for the magnitude of help and assistance this community has given to people with disabilities. Thank you San Diego and welcome to the future of care.

Decision Time

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It’s decision time, and there are a lot of them; tile, paint colors, stucco finishes, sidewalks, light fixtures, windows, doors, hardware. It’s all a blur, but so important to the finished product. This list does not even touch the hidden things like wiring, plumbing, solar and fiber optics … Who knew so much went into the walls of these mighty homes. I am so glad we have the Dream Team on board! We also just had the drone out to our campus this week and got some great shots of the frames going up!

Fast & Furious

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The trucks are arriving fast and furious. Months of planning are coming to fruition as workers offload lumber and pre-made pieces of the walls, rafters, foundations and other intricate pieces of a giant puzzle that will soon be the shell of two amazing homes. Pictures show changes on a daily basis, and the excitement on the campus is wonderful…we are seeing the fruits of the labor of so many who made this all possible….stay tuned for a series of drone shots as we are scheduled for a fly by this week!


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Now the real vision takes shape! On Monday, 20 concrete trucks passed through Noah Homes and offloaded more than 220 yards of concrete to form the foundation on the southern house. A huge boom covered the lot that moved the concrete across almost 5,000 square feet to form the footprint of the home. The site was buzzing with activity. Where 5-10 workers usually make up the construction team for the day, there were more than 35 for the pour! It is an amazing dance of precision, expertise and hard work to accomplish a pour of this size and to have the final product be a smooth and level floor. On Friday we will see the second foundation poured.