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February 2016

Taking Shape

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The first inspections have been passed for plumbing and the outline of the houses are starting to take shape. It is exciting to see the outline and the size on a pad of dirt and grass that once held a stage, a basketball court and a patio. It is almost hard to remember what was there just 7 short months ago! The folks are getting excited now that they are seeing things happen above ground, and are very curious about the progress. It keeps us all on our toes! We should be pouring the foundation next week.


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I had the pleasure of hosting the annual Noah’s Ark Angel Foundation meeting today at Noah Homes. It was great to see everyone, and it was even more fun to put them all in hardhats and take them out for a tour of the construction site! The activity level is ramping up and now that we are officially in the above ground portion of the build we can see the progress more clearly on a daily basis. This is a truly historic time for Noah Homes, and I was able to share our good news in Sacramento this past weekend at the monthly Lanterman Coalition meeting. Our progress and determination to take care of our most fragile residents is traveling through the halls of Sacramento and many are inquiring about our success. We are truly trailblazers, and I have all of you to thank for our swift progress and continuing accomplishments.



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The ground has dried out from the rain, and the last of the more than 700 feet of walls have been completely stripped of their forms. A new machine arrived yesterday for the sole purpose of creating straight and fairly deep trenches that will hold the footings of our two new homes!

We have reached another milestone and are ready for the above ground work. In just 6 short months we are ready to begin the framing of these beautiful homes. I will admit the dirt work wasn’t a lot of fun, but now that I see the reason for all of the “ground work” I am thrilled to know that we have prepared well and all of the details are coming together; and for me, the lay person….making sense!

Dotted Lines

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It has been another week of big decisions; cabinets, countertops, windows, doors, hardware, security, lighting and therapy equipment. Who knew there was so many moving parts that had to happen simultaneously! We are nearing the end of the dirt work and are SOOOOOOO happy to announce that we have our Building Permit in hand. This means that the path is clear for Brookfield to start the trenching for the house pads on Monday! We are so grateful to the team we have assembled and as I watch this process unfold I am awestruck at the coordinated efforts that MUST happen to make this project successful. I have more respect for plans, and little dotted and dashed lines than I ever thought possible in my lifetime!!