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November 2015

Inspiration in Action

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Construction, fundraising, outreach, research; it must all work hand in hand. There is no rest in any area as we must be prepared to react to every opportunity that presents itself to Noah Homes and its residents. As I write this post, I am honored to be sitting next to Peter and Mary Ellen Ferrantelli and their daughter Jennifer. We are in route to New York City where Peter will be honored nationally for his Philanthropic work in the San Diego Community. While it is a tremendous honor to be selected, Peter sees this as yet another opportunity to spread the word of the good works of Noah Homes with the goal to convince more supporters to Join the Journey and contribute to the Memory Care Homes. It is people like this who inspire me every day to push a bit harder and speak a little louder to remind everyone that people with disabilities deserve choices in every facet of their lives, and we must be their voice in this very loud world!

The Old & The New

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There are so many moving parts to a building project, especially one of this complexity as we blend the old with the new, and continue to add cutting edge technology to enhance our residents’ comforts. This week I found myself looking with pride at a staff who have fully embraced this project as their own. As a testament to their drive and commitment, it was announced that the National Institute of Health (NIH) awarded a $1.5 million grant for working with people with Alzheimer’s, and Noah Homes is a named partner in that grant which was awarded to the San Diego Alzheimer’s Association. We are thrilled and excited to be partnered with such a fine group, and look forward to sharing our growing knowledge with others!


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It now feels real as the walls are coming together and we are moving into details that will set the look of the project for years to come. Who knew that you could pick colors of concrete, or edge finishes to cover or not to cover recesses? I won’t bore you with more, but these details will continue to compliment the charm of our campus as we upgrade this beautiful and safe setting for our folks. This week will bring new adventures in the form of roof and stucco colors, household fixtures and granite colors. My sincere thanks to San Diego Granite, and owner, Bill Mullet for proactively setting aside smaller granite slabs to donate for the smaller counters in the bathrooms and workrooms. Even though he is already donating all of the material and labor for the kitchens, he continues to find ways to help Noah reduce costs while creating beautiful homes that will last for years to come!