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October 2015


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So much to do in so little time–there are so many moving parts in a build the size of the two Memory Care homes. This week focused on the hundreds of feet of retaining walls that will hold the “Superpad” to keep to houses on one level; no steps no hills, just wondering paths, patios with breath taking views and underground “ponds” to keep run off water clean before it enters our waterways…and to think all these marvels depend on the infrastructure  of retaining walls to make them work! Our own Noah resident, John, got to watch some of the concrete pouring this morning for these very walls, and even got to keep his hard hat and vest!

Above Ground

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As I watch (and learn) from so many construction experts who have lent their skills to Noah Homes, I have become aware of all that must go on underground to make the beauty of the finished product function for many years to come. I am so excited today to show you “above ground” progress! We have the first major pour of wall footings for the wall that will retain the pad that will hold both houses. With that much weight the preparation for this wall has been intense and thorough. Along with engineering, the design of the wall is equally as important as it will be a very prominent focal point when the job is complete. I want to extend my thanks to JT Barr of Schmidt Design for taking time to be sure the color, the finish and the treatment of the edges will lend to the beauty of our finished homes.

-Molly Nocon, CEO

What Happens Underground

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What’s happening underneath all that dirt? Both man and machine have been hard at work on the site that will soon be the beautifully manicured grounds of our new Memory Care Homes. While the work continues to progress at top speed by expert standards, its hard to imagine just what is happening underground and how involved this part of the construction process is.

Deep in the trenches of the site itself and all around much of our campus, the bones, veins and major arteries are taking shape. Miles of cable, miles of conduit, and all the non glamorous things like water, sewage, and electrical are all being laid for the benefit of our residents and what will soon be our two fully functional, state of the art Memory Care Homes.

New Mountain

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It seems odd to see a mountain where one did not exist just 3 days ago. God works in mysterious ways, and so do the dedicated graders of Sucket at Noah Homes. Once again hard at work, they have carved out the initial footprint of the site of the new homes, and have created an outlook that will present an amazing view of the entire campus once complete. One may wonder why a “mini-mountain” needed to be created. The answer is that Noah Homes want the safest environment possible for our most fragile adults, and that means no stairs, steep inclines, or uneven walkways that may impair their ability to enjoy their new homes!