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September 2015

A Bright Orange Dinosaur

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What can one REALLY large orange machine that looks like a dinosaur with teeth and an opposable thumb do to a one acre piece of land in just 5 days? The answer is the picture you see above!! With incredible agility and accuracy seen in surgical procedures, these extremely qualified operators plucked a stage, lots of sidewalks, and several patios off the lot and placed what was left very neatly in trucks standing by to haul away the debris. Not only agile, but paying attention to Noah history, these employees of Sucket Grading respected the beautiful trees that needed to be relocated and also carefully protected a very valuable and TALL canary palm tree so that it will stand tall in the new landscape soon to replace the dirt. Amazing things in such a short amount of time.



Moving Pieces

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It is hard to imagine how many moving pieces are in play at one time to make a project of this magnitude possible. It could not be  done without the assistance and support of so many in the community. On Friday we learned that our building permit is now ready at the County! The entire process start to finish from first meeting and initial conversations to finished plans took just 13 months! That may seem like a long time to us laymen, but in construction lingo….that’s a rocket launch! My thanks to Dahlin Architects for their outstanding service to Noah Homes Memory Care Homes and to the civil engineers at Pasco Laret Suiter & Associates for seeing this through to the bitter end!


Saving Trees

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Some gifts, and friends of Noah Homes, just keep on giving! My thanks to former board member John Willcoxson, a landscape designer and owner of J Vic Palms in East County. He answered my call for help when we realized more than a dozen trees needed to be re-located quickly to meet the construction grading schedule for the two new Memory Care homes.

John’s eye for design, and his intimate knowledge of the Noah Homes campus, found new homes for our beautiful and exotic palms and other trees donated in memory of treasured residents and family members. He stops by regularly to make sure his transplants are happy and well watered. Thanks John for loving the “Folks” and their beautiful campus home!

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