Part of the Job

By May 25, 2016Uncategorized

As many of us do with our jobs, we begin to take monumental tasks for granted as we routinely overcome obstacles and view, what others see as incredible hurdles, to now be a part of the job. This hit home for me last week when my 93 year old mother in law came for a hard hat tour! Her daughter, Rose, drove her to Noah and the three of us took off in the golf cart for a tour of the campus and the new homes. Her son, my husband, has been lending his civil engineering expertise as needed, and she is very proud of what he has accomplished at Noah and in his career. She is also quite proud of her daughter in law! She continued to gaze in awe at the high ceilings, long hallways and the well laid out spaces as I explained the use of each area and why it was so important to the welfare of our residents. After the tour, she left a donation in my office (as did Rose!) and she said, “Well it’s okay that I don’t see you so much lately… REALLY are busy!!”  (Photo: Rose Hermanson, Puring Nocon, and me!)

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