The only analogy I can come up with is a 16 year old getting ready to drive their first car. They see it in their driveway, but they can’t believe it is really theirs until they get in the driver’s seat, buckle up and take the first tentative drive around the block! I proudly toured two visiting trainers from the NTG (National Task Group) who were conducting a 3-day training on Noah’s campus for caregivers who work with adults with disabilities AND memory disorders. It was so affirming to see their faces as they stared at the massive buildings, and walked through the framed rooms, and imagined what they will do for those who will soon live in these homes. They were stunned at the magnitude of the project and the timetable that we have stayed on to be fully constructed in less than a year! This is the power of the mission of Noah Homes, and our driving need to serve those we so care about and love.

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