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Now the real vision takes shape! On Monday, 20 concrete trucks passed through Noah Homes and offloaded more than 220 yards of concrete to form the foundation on the southern house. A huge boom covered the lot that moved the concrete across almost 5,000 square feet to form the footprint of the home. The site was buzzing with activity. Where 5-10 workers usually make up the construction team for the day, there were more than 35 for the pour! It is an amazing dance of precision, expertise and hard work to accomplish a pour of this size and to have the final product be a smooth and level floor. On Friday we will see the second foundation poured.

Taking Shape

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The first inspections have been passed for plumbing and the outline of the houses are starting to take shape. It is exciting to see the outline and the size on a pad of dirt and grass that once held a stage, a basketball court and a patio. It is almost hard to remember what was there just 7 short months ago! The folks are getting excited now that they are seeing things happen above ground, and are very curious about the progress. It keeps us all on our toes! We should be pouring the foundation next week.


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I had the pleasure of hosting the annual Noah’s Ark Angel Foundation meeting today at Noah Homes. It was great to see everyone, and it was even more fun to put them all in hardhats and take them out for a tour of the construction site! The activity level is ramping up and now that we are officially in the above ground portion of the build we can see the progress more clearly on a daily basis. This is a truly historic time for Noah Homes, and I was able to share our good news in Sacramento this past weekend at the monthly Lanterman Coalition meeting. Our progress and determination to take care of our most fragile residents is traveling through the halls of Sacramento and many are inquiring about our success. We are truly trailblazers, and I have all of you to thank for our swift progress and continuing accomplishments.



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The ground has dried out from the rain, and the last of the more than 700 feet of walls have been completely stripped of their forms. A new machine arrived yesterday for the sole purpose of creating straight and fairly deep trenches that will hold the footings of our two new homes!

We have reached another milestone and are ready for the above ground work. In just 6 short months we are ready to begin the framing of these beautiful homes. I will admit the dirt work wasn’t a lot of fun, but now that I see the reason for all of the “ground work” I am thrilled to know that we have prepared well and all of the details are coming together; and for me, the lay person….making sense!

The Hand Off

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This week saw a very efficient hand off to Brookfield Residential and their staff of project managers and superintendents. The amount of knowledge exchanged at the table was incredible. How many of you knew that you had to order not just faucets but the stems that connect them to the pipes in the wall? Do you know how many choices there are for door hardware? How about low voltage lighting, security features, appliances, light fixtures? These are just a few of the items discussed to be sure the “rough framing, electrical and plumbing” would accommodate the number of special features these amazing homes will highlight to make the lives of our residents, and those to come, peaceful and happy. My thanks to Brookfield for their contribution to this most important project.


Music to My Ears

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This has been a year of so many tremendous blessings for Noah Homes; two homes are in the construction phase, dozens of community partners have contributed their services to make this a success, and I continue to meet new partners every day.

The details are starting to make their way to the top and what more can a woman ask for than when her builder says, “Molly could you do some shopping on the appliance and cabinet websites and tell me what you want us to order?” Music to my ears, and a grand way to end the year on a very high note!

May your family and friends find joy in the new year, and I hope you do something to ignite your passion; I can tell you from experience…amazing things happen.

On Their Watch

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I know many of us think that the most fun in a building project is watching the actual construction, seeing the framing go up, and the walls, paint and other wonderful finishing touches. We all need to remember that somewhere early in the process, a group of dedicated board members made the decision to move a project of this size forward; on their watch. I am so grateful to the Noah Homes Board of Directors for having faith in the need to build the two beautiful homes that will serve those on our campus and in the San Diego Community who desperately need end of life care now. We took the gang on a construction tour and they were very impressed with the skills of those building these homes. Merry Christmas!


Lending a Hand

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How is it possible to be sure that so many moving parts are working together? The answer is simple; constant oversight and lots of eyes on the plans at all times! I got first hand experience over the weekend as I was trained to hold the “rod” as my husband “shot grade” to be sure that the walls getting formed up match the plans, and more importantly, are doing their intended role in the construction process. There is a lot of fine tuning that is done “under construction” and it takes lots of dedicated people to be sure the process runs smoothly. My thanks to my husband, Rey Nocon, for taking his personal time to lend a hand in the construction of our Memory Care Homes!


Inspiration in Action

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Construction, fundraising, outreach, research; it must all work hand in hand. There is no rest in any area as we must be prepared to react to every opportunity that presents itself to Noah Homes and its residents. As I write this post, I am honored to be sitting next to Peter and Mary Ellen Ferrantelli and their daughter Jennifer. We are in route to New York City where Peter will be honored nationally for his Philanthropic work in the San Diego Community. While it is a tremendous honor to be selected, Peter sees this as yet another opportunity to spread the word of the good works of Noah Homes with the goal to convince more supporters to Join the Journey and contribute to the Memory Care Homes. It is people like this who inspire me every day to push a bit harder and speak a little louder to remind everyone that people with disabilities deserve choices in every facet of their lives, and we must be their voice in this very loud world!

The Old & The New

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There are so many moving parts to a building project, especially one of this complexity as we blend the old with the new, and continue to add cutting edge technology to enhance our residents’ comforts. This week I found myself looking with pride at a staff who have fully embraced this project as their own. As a testament to their drive and commitment, it was announced that the National Institute of Health (NIH) awarded a $1.5 million grant for working with people with Alzheimer’s, and Noah Homes is a named partner in that grant which was awarded to the San Diego Alzheimer’s Association. We are thrilled and excited to be partnered with such a fine group, and look forward to sharing our growing knowledge with others!